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Microsoft SharePoint provides the single platform that helps your people share, manage and find information – working together without wasting time searching and duplicating tasks. Planet Technologies can help your organization take full advantage of the power of SharePoint for content management, team sites, search, and much more.

Your SharePoint is principal to us and with hundreds of systems and complex migrations. We have the proficiency to deliver products. We started SharePoint Consulting with its primary version and different from other companies.

How Incirclemedia Provides Capabilities and features in Microsoft SharePoint

It is proved that SharePoint is powerful – without the proper design and planning, deployments can slink out of control. That's why it's so important to work with a SharePoint partner with established experience. Planet has helped organizations deploy SharePoint to:

Some features and benefits of SharePoint 2013

Whether you are in the planning phases of your first SharePoint deployment or migrating to SharePoint 2013, Incirclemedia will help you to increase usability and presentation

SharePoint Feature Document Management

Document Management

Whether you are in the planning phases of your first SharePoint deployment or migrating to SharePoint 2013, Incirclemedia will help you to increase usability and presentation

SharePoint Feature Sharing


SharePoint really takes the effort out of security management for business users by simply nominating the user or group and permissions with two clicks. Requesting access to a site is traceable, so if you go back to the site after you have requested access, it will detail who is handling the request.

SharePoint Feature User Interface

User Interface

SharePoint 2013 offers a far more polished, “user first” user interface than SharePoint 2010. The interface has been cleaned up and some SharePoint-nuances like “Site Actions” have been replaced with simpler alternatives (such as a “Settings” icon). It makes SharePoint easier to understand, and more enjoyable to use for both end users and IT management.

SharePoint Feature Social


SharePoint 2013 has been designed with new social capabilities to facilitate better collaboration between employees. Enhancements to the user experience include Interactive feeds, Community Sites and Follow Sites, all of which promote a social working environment.


SharePoint users spend a lot of time trying to find documents, and SharePoint 2013 enables them to discover information faster. There are now quick document previews in the web browser, much better search refiners on the left-hand side, and subtle improvements like “view library” and “send”.

SharePoint Feature Site Policies

Site Policies

Site Policies help business users who are accountable for sites and need to clean them up over time. In SharePoint 2013, the site policies now trigger work flows that you can build and have various configurations for handling inactive sites.

SharePoint Feature Web Content Management

Web Content Management

Running internet facing sites is a key emphasis in SharePoint 2013. Improvements include embedding video directly into pages, much shorter URLs, and the ability to have better multi-lingual and multi-device support. This benefits internet facing site authors, but also internal sites that want these advanced publishing features.

SharePoint Feature Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence continues to evolve in SharePoint 2013 with improvements across the board in Excel client, Excel services, PerformancePoint services and Vision services. The in-memory capabilities of Excel client now allow business users to pull data from various sources and build sheets in minutes.

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