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Q: What types of design services does incircle media offer?

We largely focus on designing and implementing static and profile websites, custom WordPress websites, search engine optimization, e-commerce website and much more. We also offer identity design, stationary design, web design for other platforms than WordPress, newsletter templates, brochures, posters and other print designs.

You can check out our services click here.

Q: Before we start our collaboration, we want to find out more about you. Where can I look?

You can first review our website, to discover our services and our previous work, plus what our clients say about us. You can also follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page. For more in-depth information, please do contact with us through this email (hello@incircletech.ae) and send your question what do you want to know about us.

Q: How do i get a quote?

Please contact us via email, Skype or phone for a quote. In most cases, detailed briefing is required to provide exact fee proposal. To make sure you provide us all the information we need, we put together some guidelines, which might help you to assemble your brief. After receiving your request, we send the official quote usually at same business day.

Q: How can i review your work skills?

Yes, ofcourse. You can view our work sample to click here. We always welcome to our new customers/partners.

Q: How much and how do you charge?

At Incircle media we always consider the business strategy of our client to give them very affordable prices. As per our company payment policy 50% is upfront payment before start work and rest of 50% payment before launching project.

If you are confuse about the services you are looking for, just call us or send us an email we are here to better assist you.

Q: How many days do you need to develop a website?

Actually development process depends on the complexity and requirements of the project. Normally a project can be complete within 7 to 10 working days. However this is the normal website estimated time, but time can be increase or decrease as per requirements and iterations coming from client.

Q: Do you optimize website for search engines (SEO)?

Yes, we do and we are expert in Search engine optimizations. Our goal is to build lasting relationship with clients and become their business partner for years to come. Contact us today to get more assistance with dedicated SEO experts and strong customer support, we assure that you will have a delightful experience.

Q: Do you redesign existing websites?

If your website has already become outdated due to poor initial design or the advance of Internet-based technologies rendering your site obsolete then we would be happy to undertake a redesign of your web site. Our services are quality-driven and our practices of execution abide by modern and future proof production techniques. .

Q: Do you design website for mobile devices like: iphone, ipad, blackberry?

Yes of course, we do website design for mobile devices. If you have your company website and you want when people use your website at mobile device it should be optimized for small device. Then you are at right place to get your companies mini website version.

Q: I don't know exactly what my requirements are, can you assist me?

Of course, we will better assist you whatever you are looking for. Contact us at our office no or email at hello@incircletech.ae

Q: Do you provide technical support?

Yes. If you have any technical problems regarding any of our services just contact us with the details and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Q: Do you offer free web design service?

We offer free web design service but very often. This service is just for our those clients who are working with us as long term. We just offer them 3 to 5 pages simple website as free of cost.